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There's this thing inside of us that drives us to keep moving.  Some call it strength, some call it passion and some call it pure will.  I call it flying.  Just make the decision and take the leap. Together we can do anything, so come along and soar. 

I'm AngieKaye. 

Are You Ready To Make Your Business AHmazingly Easier?

So, my full name is Angie Kaye Houloose, but, to be honest, that's a lot to remember and even harder to figure out how to pronounce - so I'm just making it simple and using Angie Kaye.  Welcome to my newest adventure!

Running a resale/consignment/thrift store is hard work.  I know!  I was in the midst of the chaos for 8 years when I owned Absolutely Her Women's Consignment in Papillion, Nebraska.  I tried to do it all, but you probably know how that goes.  The most valuable lesson I learned was to create or gather resources that made my life (and my employee's lives) easier.  That's what I've set out to do full-time now.  I'm going to give you ideas and tools to give you some time back in your day.  First Up?  The Clothing Label Resource and quick social media graphics.  Are you ready to learn more about these AHmazing products?  Let's do this!

stay in front of your customers

If you're getting ready to open, have to wait a bit or are just wanting to let your customers know you miss them, here's some free graphics to grab for your social media sites. Remind everyone to shop your store!

Less Time. Great Results.

Making it easier for you to run your business is my top goal and these latest resources are going to be a game-changer for you!


Almost 1,500 clothing brand labels in one downloadable resource to make consignment / resale intake so much easier to train and use on a daily basis to keep your store's inventory current and what your customer's are looking for.   

Each year new brands and labels will be added so you'll know what's changing.  


"This is something I totally believe in! We use the labels as a resource for our employees, but I also use them to show consignors how old their items are when they question why I didn’t take something they brought in. Tons of great information in just this one Clothing Label file and adding in the graphics is a total bonus!"

Julie J.
Repeat Street, Gurnee & Libertyville, IL

Company Culture

COMING SOON:  Creating a culture that really represents your vision will guide your business in a direction you never knew was possible. 

Coming Soon

A Little Personal

Live a life worth sharing - it really is okay to show your human side. Check the blog to learn a little more about me and my story.

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