Cracks In Your Vision

Yesterday we took our RV to get the windshield replaced because of a crack.  Three months ago, it started as this little thing we didn't even notice, but our salesman pointed it out to us because he knew it was the right thing to do.  Between the drive to Omaha from Denver where we picked her up and the road trip to Florida from Nebraska, it spread along the glass.  Subtle, really, because you wouldn't notice the line unless it was pointed out to you.  

That's the funny thing about cracks in your vision, you rarely see them taking shape until it is too late and the fix is much larger than you even know.  I was thinking about it as I was on my morning walk.  And I likened it to an attitude.  So easy it is to have some small emotion like bitterness and anger take ahold and before you know it, it's taken control of how you think, how you talk, and how you act. 

This Election 2020 has been that way.  It has become this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear either side talk of it.  It rages in my friends and I can't grasp this.  I'm not saying I don't have an opinion, but I am saying I draw the line in calling people I have known for years "stupid" because of their vote.  I can agree to disagree.  I can stand on what I believe.  I can allow another their rights without questioning their values.  

I would rather channel this in kindness.  Maybe I'm naive.  And maybe I'm a little ignorant on the policies.  But I am not in the truth of treating others as you'd like to be treated.  I'd rather show grace and let the love of others grow as the road I travel winds its way through the country.  I believe in the goodness of people and the kindred souls of the United States of America.

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