Life Is A Gameshow

My life is a game show.  Truly, it is.  When you are surrounded by so many different moving parts that affect every single area, the chaos can become so out of your control like watching the ball drop on the gameshow, The Wall.  You just have to trust it.  But seriously, trust it?  How? You could walk away with nothing in the end.  NOTHING – so what’s the point of playing?

The point is that you are choosing to get into the game in the first place.  You are choosing to try something so different and unique.  You are choosing to risk all you know to believe something better is in front of you. 

I have lived in my hometown for almost 54 years (that’s my entire life). I stayed in my first career in the 911 Center for 20+ years.  I met my husband here.  My 3 “bonus daughters” and 5 grandchildren are here.  I opened my store in the same strip mall that I used to shop when I was growing up.  My roots are deep here.  And a few years ago, that would have been fine for me for the rest of my life.  But you all know, things change.  And I am no different.

Like on Jeopardy, I had to answer some tough questions.  And to find the answers, I needed to rely on the knowledge that I have gained over time.  I mean, no offense to Jeopardy lovers, but so many of those questions fall under the category of “useless trivia” to me.  But how wrong is that?  The contestants are using all this information they have learned to take a chance on winning something far greater than what they already have.  I’ve been doing the same lately.  I have to rely on what’s gotten me this far to choose.  I’m down to Final Jeopardy and it’s time to place a wager.  The category is “Life is a Highway”.  How much am I willing to bet?  The suspense is mounting, but am I finally ready to risk it all?

Before that gets answered, I have to say I love The Wheel of Fortune.  There’s just something about guessing letters and trying to solve the puzzle for a little bit of money or a trip somewhere.  I actually went and stood in line to try out for the show, but didn’t get called on.  A little disappointing, but hey, at least I can say I tried.  Anyway, in WOF, you have to work with letters already been called, buying vowels and choosing a letter that will help you figure it out.  That’s our lives, as well.  If we guess wrong, we rely on what the next person does.  Spin and guess another letter, spin and go bankrupt, or maybe it’s spin and land on a prize first.  Either way, we always hope it goes back to being given another chance to spin or solve.  We are using that knowledge of those who are going before us to guide our choices.  This week I’m playing a prize puzzle and the category is a phrase: T _ K _  _  CH _ _ C_

The other part happening is having to be “all in”.  There’s no halfway in life or playing the games.  Honestly, you have to trust the process in the arena in which you are playing.  If you have a partner, you have to know they are also willing to risk everything to do what they believe is best.  Now, I’m not saying you just sit back and let another person make the decisions.  Each person has different experiences and knowledge that, together, you can make the choice and move forward.  And that comfort in knowing you have each other’s backs, are willing to take the journey together, is what counts.  Like the game show, The Wall.  Each person is on their own, either answering questions or dropping the balls, but they are doing it based on their faith in the other.  And in doing what they believe is best. 

Right now, my husband and I are standing in front of each other about to take the biggest leap of faith.   But you know what?  No matter what the outcome, I am more secure in this decision because we are in it together.  And as I write this we are about to head into the Deal or No Deal portion of life.  We have several opportunities ahead of us and we have to either make a deal with the “banker” or we keep playing based on the odds before us.  Once again, though, I have to be willing to be in the game.  I have to be willing to decide something that will change everything. 

But now it’s important to ask myself what do I risk by playing?  Because here’s the deal: no matter what, it wasn’t a “wrong” decision or a “right” decision.  In this moment, whatever I do is based on my prior knowledge, adding information from those who have gone before me, my faith and trust in my husband & God, and the odds of what I hope to happen will fall in my favor.  And I am good with that because it’s better than always having this dream ahead of you that you don’t turn into a reality. 

Keep learning all you can, keep turning over letters to solve your own puzzles, keep taking those risks knowing you have someone in your corner that understands you, keep believing when the time is right, you will make the right deal. 

Because Life is a Highway, I am all in and we decided to Take A Chance.  The balls have dropped in our favor and as I write this, we are getting ready to head out to make one deal now and another will happen in a few months.  Risks taken, wins and losses tallied. And I’ll warn you now though:  if one day you see a once-rooted, previous store owner, vagabond pull into your parking lot in an RV, I’ll be bounding down the stairs ready to shop and talk for hours.  Because then I’ll be challenging you to be the next contestant in this game show called Life.

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  • I look forward to having the RV pull in to my parking lot. That would be fabulous. A customer once toward me “Change is the only for sure thing in life.”

    Joanne Nusbaum

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