Meet Finn...

I'm not sure where to even begin to explain the last few months.  It's been a whirlwind, that's for sure!  Normally, my husband and I are very thoughtful in researching major decisions and are conservative in how we approach the future.  But something happened and we decided to just go with our "gut instinct" instead.  

For years we have been talking about purchasing an RV and selling our house to travel.  We know NOTHING about the lifestyle except for what we read and saw on YouTube.  But we decided to take the plunge and went to Denver to look at one.  Not really sure what to ask or look for in an RV, we knew by the reputation of the brand that it was a good one, so the deal was done.  A few weeks later we flew back and picked it up.  I asked my husband if he was going to take a driving lesson, but he said nope and got behind the wheel and we took off. 

I'll be honest - I was SCARED to death!  Instead of getting right back on the interstate by the dealership, our salesman told us to go a different way.  I wanted to strangle him about 5 minutes into the drive.  Back roads, lots of semis pulling us into the opposite lane as they passed going the other direction and no shoulders so if he went a few inches too far, we would have tipped because of the drop off.  It was kinda like throwing someone who doesn't know how to swim directly into the deep end. I have no idea of his reasoning for this route except that it taught my husband real fast about how to stay in his lane and control the rig.  

As we travelled the rest of the way home, I stopped leaning away from the window when we would pass other large vehicles (afraid our side mirror was going to hit theirs) and began to relax just a little bit.  It sure was a different feeling.  Once we pulled into the driveway (of course it's sloped so that first night I was afraid it was going to go out of gear and run into the neighbor's house) and I got to look at it, I realized just how big this monster is.  But, some of the biggest monsters bring some of the best memories and I'm looking forward to seeing what this brings.  

I finally named her - as we took her down to Florida about a month ago, we passed Mark Twain's birthplace and I remembered watching Tom Sawyer on TV and how much I loved that movie (anyone else grow up seeing that every year?).  The make of the RV is Tiffin, so her name is Finn.

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