The Prettiest Girls I Ever Met

There’s an Audrey Hepburn quote that reads “Happy Girls Are The Prettiest”.  Now, I love me some AH, but I respectfully must disagree with her on this one.  Because over the years, I’ve seen some incredibly pretty women who weren’t necessarily “happy”.

I witnessed the kindest soul of a woman who was so beautiful the day of our last conversation.  On this busy Saturday afternoon, she came in with her husband to enjoy the store for one last time and to say goodbye.  I can still picture her face as tears come to mine.  She passed away only a few weeks later.

And the women who are fighting their way tooth and nail to find themselves again after a divorce or abusive situation that left them devastated.  Because the moment they hear someone tell them they are admired for standing tall in the hardest of times, they can break down and, in their most vulnerable moment, finally look you in the eyes where you see the beauty of her soul return.

How many times have you had a woman come into your store and apologize for the way she looks?  Because she had just come from the gym or, if she’s being really open and honest, because it was all she could do that day to get out of bed.  And she chose your store to come to because she knew there wasn’t any judgment placed on her.  That woman is beautiful.

Because here’s the deal…equating happy with beauty is selling someone short.  It’s selling you short, because if that’s what you’re looking for, you aren’t looking at all…you are blind to smallest of moments that really define being pretty. 

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