The Road Ahead

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took our real "maiden voyage" in Finn, our RV. I'll admit I was a little nervous in the beginning as the traffic and road construction we had to go through was, in a word, terrifying.  But, as we got through that section and headed toward Pennsylvania, I started to calm down, sat back to enjoy the view ahead of me and realized that was exactly why we got her.  

It's so different when you are up higher and the view is pretty much unobstructed through a larger than life front window. I took pictures of mountains, valleys, the fog rising from a river's bottom and the Welcome signs from each state except one.  And as I think back through that drive, I realize that's little bit about life, too.  Sometimes we have to just push through the crazy and chaotic traffic of what's happening to break through and see the beauty of what lies ahead. 

Because there is definitely a road beyond what we see today.

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