What's Your Word?

Has this been a crazy whirlwind kind of week for anyone else? Hard to believe Christmas is over and the New Year is on the verge of beginning a completely new decade.

I'll be honest, I'm really torn on how to start my 2020. I've done the "set goals" and I've done the "resolutions" and I've done the "what will be will be". This year, though, none of them are feeling like the answer. Like I'm feeling there's more to the start of this year than something that I can put into words.

Being a words person, I am kinda in the pick a word mood. In the past it's been relatively easy to choose. But this time it feels different. And as I was driving the other day, a thought came to me, but I couldn't for the life of me remember the word because what came to me didn't seem right. Let me explain:

Do you remember in school when you had to get the silver metal instrument that had the point on the end and held a pencil? That's all I kept thinking about but the word compass just didn't seem right. But that's what it is and it draws circles. Every time you move it out, it draws a bigger one and a bigger one and it just keeps going.

I had this image of my life as those circles. It started out as the tiniest of circles and as the years passed, the lines kept growing. As I start this new journey, I see the pencil being kicked out a little bit more and a little bit more and even more. Like between each line, the space of the impact of what you're doing grows, too. And when you have that down time where you need to recharge and let go, the circle barely moves. By the time my circles are done, I pray they are big and bold and filled with colorful spaces in between each one.

I'm still not sure if compass will be my word because when I think of compass I think of direction, not circles. If anyone has a suggestion for what to call this, I'd sure take them!

(written Dec 2019)

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