August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
August 2021 Social Media Guidebook
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August 2021 Social Media Guidebook

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There are so many fun days to celebrate in the month of August!  Use this Social Media Guidebook to assist you in planning out your events and posts for Instagram & Facebook  - the graphics are right there for you to use!

One of the biggest things I've been noticing as I scroll through different social media feeds, is that stores are so busy focusing on the sale of products, they have started to lose their connection with their customers.  One of the easiest ways to have that engagement is through social media posts that are related to your business, but aren't focused on the sale.  But, as a busy store owner, I know you just don't have the time to sit down for hours and create content, graphics and then schedule it all out.  That's exactly why I've created this Social Media Monthly Guidebook.  It's all done but the scheduling of posts.  And did I say this was for an ENTIRE MONTH?  No more weeks will go by without an update or a post from you.  We've got one for every single day!

What's Included in your Guidebook:

  • A section to guide you through events and special promotions for the upcoming months.  Not sure what to do?  We've listed out some ideas for you!

  • Needing to know what supplies you need for the store from your suppliers or for a special event is what the next section focuses on.  Write them in here so you don't run out!

  • Sending out emails to your customers is a fast and inexpensive way to connect, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to write about.  Not using this Guidebook - the sections you complete will give you your topics!

  • Social Media Post topics are written out for you and about two-thirds already have graphics created and ready to post.  You just have to add a caption that relates to your store, but we give you ideas on that, too!  You can post exactly as this calendar has been written out OR you can choose which ones you want to do.  It is up to YOU!

  • The Instagram Ideas section of the Guidebook gives you ideas on what to take pictures of around your store and how to caption or write about the picture.  

  • With the last section, we knew how easy it is to think of something else while you're working on a specific project so this is a place where you can Brain Dump those ideas real quick and then get focused back on your Social Media.  Come back to this section later when you have time and then you can decide what to do with what you wrote down.  Some of our best ideas come from a Brain Dump - we just have to get it on paper so we remember (at least I do!).


The Guidebook and Graphics are available immediately after purchase to download.  I recommend you print the Guidebook to make it easier to track as you work through the pages.  

The Graphics are in a "zip file".  Once you download the file, you'll need to extract the files and save them to your computer. 

  • Open the file
  • Click on Extract Files
  • Save graphics to your computer ( usually save them to where it recommends)
  • Click on Extract
  • The file with the photos should be opened on your computer and then you are ready to download them.  If you want to use the picture and put your store name and information on them, that's just fine!  However, only those who have purchased the product have the right to use them. 


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