About Us

Being a part of the consignment collaboratory, Tapestry 922 was born out of a love for shopping resale and consignment.  

Tapestry 922 was born of a belief after years of shopping at "the Mall" and paying prices I really couldn't afford.  I knew so many women were like me and had clothes in their closet still sporting the tags.  I discovered consignment stores were popular in some areas, but the Omaha area had very few.  When the store was being built, I had a vision.  It was important to  showcase the quality of the items and create an experience beyond what you'd expect.  AH became more than a store.  It became our own kind of "Cheers".  We want to get to know our customers and help to create a style which works for the individual, not the masses.  All of us at AH will provide an honest opinion  and believe you should only purchase what makes you feel as amazing as you truly are.  Tapestry 922 is your locally-owned women's clothing & accessory store where prices fit and fashions flair.   Welcome! 

 Our first location


Every time I see the picture above, I am amazed.  It is from September 27, 2011: the day I opened Tapestry 922 Women's Consignment Boutique.  At the time, I believed I had quite a few things and wondered how I was going to actually succeed.  I had the dream for two years prior and it finally came true.  

I had a few goals set when I started and one of them was to achieve recognition in the "Best of Omaha" within 3 years.  By the end of our second year, we accomplished our goal and set another:  to move to a bigger space.  

On September 10, 2014, we moved from 815 Tara Plaza to 811 and expanded to 6,000 square foot area which makes us the largest consignment store for women in the Omaha metropolitan area.  And we strive to make AH a destination boutique in Papillion.

Along the way, we have hired great staff members who make each day a joy to go to the store.  We all have our own different style which, in turn, gives Tapestry 922 the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere to shop and find fashions which fit your own style. 

At Tapestry 922 we understand what it's like to look in your closet and see nothing to wear.  We understand how nothing fits right and you just don't feel like going out of the house.  We all have those days, right?  We get it!  And we're here to help you find the right fit and put together outfits kinda like Garanimals so you won't have to spend a lot of money but will have peace of mind knowing you've got it all together!  

Thank you for taking the time to look up our website to learn more about us.  If you have any questions or concerns about Tapestry 922, please feel free to call me at 402-932-4668. 


Angie Houloose

Owner, Tapestry 922

Consignment Collaboratory with other agencies across the United States.