Consigning With Tapestry 922


Established as a consignment collaboratory with other stores across the country, Tapestry 922 can create general standards for your consignment shop including how to consign.  

We'll help you find the most money hanging in your closet and clear out the clutter and chaos to get you organized to get ready each day.

Not sure about what consignment is? We've broken it down for you:

1) Bring in those fabulous items in your closet that meet our guidelines. 

When you walk through our doors, you'll see the intake counter on the right -  just hang up your items (we ask all items be on hangers when they are brought in to us and reserve the right to not accept items in bags or totes) complete the sign-in sheet, and then take a look around the store. 

We'll sort through them - making sure they are neat, clean, pressed, free of any stains or odors and are within the last 2-3 years old.  After we are done, we'll have you meet us back at the counter to go over the consignment contract and give you a receipt for the items we were able to accept. 

All items must be authentic as it is illegal to sell fakes or knock-offs.  If we didn't take them all, please know it isn't personal - it's important for us to only accept items we believe we can sell.  There are some brands we are unable to accept because of the original price in the retail store.  We can't compete with the lower-priced brands and we actually lose money when we take them. Once in awhile they may be accepted if they are new with tags, but it will be a rare occurrence.   

We may also have a separate section of items we'd like you to bring back because they may sell better in a different season.  


2) Next we'll process your consignment inventory

You'll see us switch out to our store hangers and then the items will be entered into our Inventory System.  Each item is tagged with your account number and priced competitively so you get the best money possible.  Our goal is to have them entered and out onto the sales floor within 24 hour.

 3)  It's time to hit the sales floor

All items brought in for consignment will remain on the sales floor for 60 days.  We'll merchandise them and some items are selected to go onto our online store which means your items are seen by hundreds of people weekly. 


4)  When your item(s) sell, money goes directly onto your account

Through our online system, you'll see a balance on your account as soon as we finish the sales transaction. You will receive 40% of the final selling price (everything is subject to any sales or markdowns) and you can check your account 24 hours a day.  When you have a balance, you can stop in to cash out at any time or you can use it as store credit to shop for AHmazing items which fit your style and wardrobe.  If you'd like us to mail a check to you, there is a $1 processing fee which will be deducted from the balance.


5)  If your item(s) don't sell, you can reclaim them at the end of the 60 days

We understand your items are YOUR items.  If they didn't sell during the consignment period, we ask that you call and speak to one of our associates to request they be returned.  We do need to be called before the set expiration and we'll need 24 hours to gather your items and finish the returned paperwork.  We don't have a lot of storage space, so we do ask that you pick up the unsold items within 3 days of calling.   If you don't want them back, you don't have to do anything else.  

Our goal at Tapestry 922 is to make the process as easy as possible and to be transparent in our business practices.  We encourage you to read through the information on our website as well as browsing our online catalog to get a great idea of what sells best for you, our consignors...our partners.  


  • At Tapestry 922 we accept quality and designer clothing from sizes 0 Petite to 3X/4X.  All items must be authentic and within the last 2-3 years old.  
  • No limits and no appointment necessary (we accept consignments up until 30 minutes before we close for the day)
  • Consigning at AH is easy!  Just follow the guidelines set and you'll be through the whole process in minutes.
  • We request all clothing items being brought in should be neat, clean, pressed and on hangers.  This allows us to sort through your items quicker and keeps them from getting wrinkled.  All items should be ready to hit the floor when we are finished processing.  (We can provide hangers for you to pick up before you bring in clothing - just ask and we can usually give you as many as you need)  Even if they are AHmazing clothing pieces, wrinkled items just don't sell, and if you'd like for us to steam them, there is a $5/per item fee.  For the safety of our employees, we will not be able to go through items brought in garbage bags.  
  • Costume jewelry should be placed in individual ziplock bags so the items don't get tangled and are easier to look through.  We only accept jewelry items of a higher quality and brands which are easily identifiable and, like our other items, a current trend and color.  We are not able to accept real, high-end jewelry (diamonds, etc) and are not responsible for pricing items as costume as we do not have the knowledge/equipment of a certified jeweler to determine authenticity.
  • Please place purses and shoes in a box or laundry basket.
  • Seasonal clothing and accessories must be current (no more than a couple of years old) and of highest quality.
  • We do accept pajamas, bras and swimwear only if they are new with tags
  • Please understand we cannot take clothing which is more than a couple of years old even if you only wore it one time or still has the tags attached.  Sizing has changed enough over the last decade that a current size 8 pant, for example, could run larger than a size 10/12 pant from the early 2000's.
  • Some brands do not sell well for us or hold their resale value so we may not accept them.  We take into account previous sales patterns and brand history.  Our goal is to sell your items at the best prices and in the shortest amount of time to make room for new merchandise arriving.  Please keep the following guidelines in mind and check for:
    • Holes, stains, pilling, fading or other damage
    • Missing buttons or fasteners
    • Broken zippers
    • Shoes should be clean and without scuffs, toe marks, cracked material or any other defect
    • Purses should be free of marks/stains on the inside and out as well as checked for money, wrappers, or any other things left behind
    • Everything consigned must be free of any fragrance/odor



Around here in Nebraska, we can't predict the weather, but we can predict our season changes for 2020 consignments.  Here's an idea on when to bring in your items:

  • SPRING: February 15th - April 30th
    • Think about layers and pastel colors and bright prints
    • Lighter weight sweaters
    • Long sleeve lightweight shirts/blouses
    • Mid-weight pants, skirts and capris
    • Jeans
    • Layering pieces
    • Open-toe shoes
  • SUMMER: May 1st - August 15th
    • Think about the hot Nebraska weather and bright, fun colors and prints
    • Tank tops
    • Sleeveless shirts/blouses
    • Light-weight/sheer sweaters
    • Linen items
    • Lightweight pants, skirts, capris and shorts
    • Flip-flops and sandals
  • FALL:  August 20th - October 31st
    • Think about the start of those chilly nights watching football games and the colors of the leaves as they change
    • Mid-weight sweaters
    • Long sleeve shirts/blouses
    • Jeans
    • Mid-weight pants, skirts and jeans
    • Layering pieces
    • Leather jackets
    • Fashion boots
  • WINTER:  November 1st - February 15th
    • Think about those cold, snowy days and the neutral colors we all love
    • Heavy sweaters (wool/cashmere)
    • Long sleeve shirts/blouses
    • Heavy-weight pants and skirts
    • Jeans
    • Winter Boots
    • Winter Coats

Due to special events, there may be periods of time where we are unable to take consignments, please be sure to check back here on our website and our facebook page.  We'll also send out emails to all who have signed up to receive them.  And, as always, please feel free to give us a call at any time at 402-932-4668.