Consignment Contract

Consignment Contract

 Having a clear and concise contract is important to Tapestry 92 as a part of the consignment collaboratory established in 2018.  This consignment agreement will remain active unless a revised version is signed.  

At Tapestry 922, it is important for you to understand the agreement you are signing with us.  You'll be asked to sign the contract the first time you consign and this covers all future items as well.  If any changes are made to the contract, you may be asked to sign a new one OR a policy change amendment.  

Terms & Conditions:  Merchandise will be priced & selected at Tapestry 922’s discretion.  Any items found damaged after initial inspection will be sold at a discount or donated without further notice.  Upon sale of a consigned item, the Consignor will receive 40% of the final sales price, less tax and/or fees.  Tapestry 922 does not guarantee your items will sell whether expressed or implied.

Consignment Period:  Tapestry 922 will consign your items for 60 days.  (Holiday items will expire at the end of the holiday season and may not receive the full 60 day consignment based on the date the item is received.)  It is the consignor’s responsibility to know when items expire and to notify Tapestry 922 of the intent to reclaim them before the end of the consignment period by making phone contact with an associate of Tapestry 922.  A minimum of 24 hour notice is required for the return request with the items then being picked up within 3 days.  If not picked up within the three day period set, the items are considered abandoned and unclaimed.  Unsold & unclaimed items will become the sole property of Tapestry 922.  We will not contact Consignor to notify them of account status.  However, accounts may be checked online at any time (   Items requested for return within 45 days of the consignment drop off date will be charged an early pull fee of $5 per item.   

Pricing:  Tapestry 922 has the sole discretion to determine pricing for maximum profitability.  Any items that are price sensitive should be addressed with an Tapestry 922 associate at intake. Merchandise consigned is subject to any sale held in-store or online, as well as a markdown schedule determined by Tapestry 922. 

Payment:  Profits made from the sale of item(s) consigned may be paid out in cash, check or store credit, at the request of the Consignor.  If no activity has been on the account for a determined period, Tapestry 922 reserves the right to mail out checks.  It is the Consignor’s responsibility to notify of any change of address.

Authenticity & Ownership:  It is against the law to sell any counterfeit goods and all items presented for consignment are authentic.  Consignor is over 18 years of age, has ownership of property consigned and will not hold Tapestry 922 responsible for any entitlement to them. 

Liability:  We will do our best to protect your consigned items, however all items are left in the store at your own risk, and Consignor will not hold Tapestry 922 responsible for any damage, including damage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster or any other unforeseen circumstances.  It is the Consignor’s responsibility to be protected against such potential losses through their own insurance policies.

Consignor has read, understands and agrees with all terms listed above.  Tapestry 922 reserves the right to terminate this contract with advance notice and for just cause at any time  This contract overrides any earlier signed version and will be kept on file for future consignments.