The Cooperative

I know you've got so much on your plate.  It becomes out of control and you feel overwhelmed when it all comes crashing down on you.  You are not alone!  It's so normal to feel that way.

But what if you could start building some processes that will get you out from under that chaos?  That would get you to feeling like there are others just like you out there?  

I remember that crushing weight of all "the things" I wanted to get done, research, and figure out how to do.  And watching everyone else do what I should be doing made me just feel like I wasn't good enough.  

I rarely reached out because I knew other owners were just as crazy busy, but I felt guilty asking for help.  I mean, they had just as much going on, I couldn't "burden" them just to figure out what I'm doing.  


That's why I created REthink CoRe [REthink Consignment & Resale].  It's where we all join together to assist one another in running your Consignment | Resale |Thrift Store.  It doesn't matter if you are brand new or a seasoned veteran in the biz.  I strongly believe we all have talents and our journeys to this point give us different perspectives on every single aspect.

The CoRe Membership group is where you can feel free to ask questions, give answers and share your high points and low points in this industry and in our lives.  

Can you relate?

  • I don't have the time to waste trying to do it all on my own
  • I need to do social media, but never have the time to figure it out or know what to post
  • I know there are so many "business-y things" to do, but don't know what exactly I'm supposed to do
  • I just want to ask someone a question and not feel embarrassed that I don't know the answer already
  • Can someone just please give me a plan?